sunset light on wall 2.jpeg

I have always been drawn to a particular quality of light. I love the patterns and color created by the late afternoon sun falling across a wall, or coming upon small patches of sunlight that have found their way to the floor of a dense forest.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the glow-in-the-dark stars and the bubble lights on our Christmas tree. At fourteen, I hung a bare branch over my bed and decorated it with a string of “fairy lights”. I have had a similar branch over every bed I have owned ever since.

My preferred interior lighting is what I call the “low glow” that can be achieved with strings of tiny incandescent bulbs and votive candles lit in beautiful glass containers.

After 25 years working with light and shadow in film, photography, television and video production, I decided to listen to that voice in my head that has been falling on deaf ears for at least a decade, and gave in to the vision I always had of myself as an artist who creates pieces of art that glow.

Bette Allen, Seattle Washington